jcli computer create

jcli computer create

Create an Jenkins agent


Create an Jenkins agent It can only create a JNLP agent.

jcli computer create [flags]


jcli agent create agent-name


  -h, --help   help for create

Options inherited from parent commands

      --configFile string     An alternative config file
      --debug                 Print the output into debug.html
      --doctor                Run the diagnose for current command
      --insecureSkipVerify    If skip insecure skip verify (default true)
  -j, --jenkins string        Select a Jenkins server for this time
      --logger-level string   Logger level which could be: debug, info, warn, error (default "warn")
      --proxy string          The proxy of connection to Jenkins
      --proxy-auth string     The auth of proxy of connection to Jenkins
      --token string          The token of Jenkins
      --url string            The URL of Jenkins
      --username string       The username of Jenkins