Job Management

You can search a job list using a keyword, like this: jcli job search input.
It's very simple to trigger a job. We have the batch mode and interactive mode. This command will finish immediately.
jcli job build "folderName jobName" -b
Once you triggered a job, then you can watch the log output by jcli job log "zjproject zjproject-inputstep55" -w. This command will always output the log of the last build.

Proxy Support

Jenkins might be stay in behind a firewall. So we cannot connect it directly. You can give jcli a proxy setting. It's also very simple to support a proxy setting. You just need to execute: jcli config edit. Then find the item which you want to add a proxy. Like the below demo:
- name: dev
username: admin
token: 11132c9ae4b20edbe56ac3e09cb5a3c8c2
proxyAuth: username:password